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Crédito Consumo Protegido
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Your only concern will be to enjoy yourself.



In Bankia want that it enjoys the life, that is why him offer the Crédito Consumo Protegido *, so that its only worry is fairly that, to enjoy.

With the Crédito Consumo Protegido enjoys until 60,000 euros for which wants: holidays, renovations, new furniture, studies or even a car.

And so that it is completely untroubled, the Insurance Crédito Consumo Protegido him guarantees the deposit of until 12 monthly fees in the event of unemployment (employee) or leave from work (self-employed workers or civil servants).

Don't give it another thought. Apply for your Crédito Consumo Protegido Bankia now.

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* Loan subject to Bankia approval.


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